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        Suspension F.Y. suspension is a professional manufacturer of veer series assembly …

        Water Pump F.Y. water pump factory has the strong capability in the development of new products …

         Wheel Hub  F.Y. wheel hub specialized in the manufacturing of First ,Zsecond …

        Rubber Parts F.Y. rubber parts is well-known for a reliable supplier of automotive rubber shock…

        Welcome To F.Y.

        Ningbo F.Y. AUTO PARTS CO. , LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers and traders of the automotive spare parts in China. We have been specialized in the automotive industry for more than ten years. Our leading products include suspension parts, wheel hubs, bearings, tension wheels, clutch release bearings, rubber parts, water pumps, C.V. joints, Silicone oil fan clutch , oil seal, etc, which are mainly exported to Europe, USA, South America and Middle East. With the rapid growing of our business in the world market, so far we have established following...

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        Contact Us

        • +86-574-88006331/88006329
        • +86-574-88006327
        • ccr@china-ccr.com
        • Mr. Shen
        • No.73-79,Jixing Road,Jishigang Industrial District


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